Facts to Know About Perfect Birthday Flower Arrangements

Giving flowers to someone on the birthday is always feels special for the recipient. If you put in some thoughts into planning unique birthday flowers assortment, it is even more appealing to leave the person in mesmerism. There are several ideas to make your flower gifts elegant and impactful for people of all ages.

Choosing Birthday Flower Gifts by Month and Symbolism

The greatest idea of picking the best flowers for birthday is to go with the species by birth month and their symbolism in life. Herein is quick list of birth flowers (month wise) and their symbolism:

January: Carnations- symbol of spiritual love, charm, pride, elegance and glory

February: Iris (symbolism of the Greek Goddess Iris) – the white Iris symbolizes purity in love, blue represents devotion and hope, purple stands for admire and prudence

March: Daffodils- expresses brightness and delight

April: Gerbera Daisy- symbolizes virtuousness, integrity and happiness

May: Stargazer Lilies- symbol of honor, modesty and purity of the soul

June: Rose- symbolism of beauty, passion, divine love, desire and strength

July: Lavender- representative of expression, insights, refreshment

August: Gladiola- symbolizes power and sincerity

September: Yellow Daisy- symbol of positive energy, brightness, strength and divinity

October: Marigold- represents beauty and effervescence

November: Chrysanthemums- bestows merriment and positivity in life

December: Orchids- pure love, elegance, passion and wisdom

Flowers by Colors

Floral assortments are the best birthday gift for men and women alike on any occasion and the birthday is not an exception. When it comes to picking the right flower arrangement, consider the shades to match the persona of the recipient. For instance, it is good to choose flowers with subdued shades. Likewise, if you are buying birthday flowers for men, go with lilac, lavender, blue and other neutral colors. However, it is always good to opt for … Read more